Welcome to the website of the "KS Historical Real Estate LP"

On the following pages, we would like to present you an overview of our wide range of real estate investments.

In the current market, in which ever-changing new financial turbulences bring once reliable institutions into the crisis and let go bursting the former economic giants, it is very difficult nowadays to find a safe haven where you can not only anchor in thunderstorms, but also can start a steady journey to the future.

At all times in history, long-term successful investments had only been possible, because they were very elaborate and precisely worked out. In our investment projects, we will focus on something what will be ever worth, regardless of the change between crisis and recovery, namely on real estate.

The real properties, which are targeted in our projects, have already proven their survival ability over the centuries.

This is the historical real estate: castles, burgs, old manor houses and monasteries. The proof that their perpetual deathless existence is not to be doubt: they are still standing! And under the skilled hand, her countenance can blossom ever and anon in full splendor out.

With these veterans of building, we will try not only to defy the winds of destruction, but also to revive a new refreshing up-wind of the reestablishment.